Sunday, May 22, 2011


Wanted to share a rough sketch I did yesterday. As an impressionable young man in the late 1970s, I loved custom vans. Chopped tops, metalflake, shag-carpeted interiors - pure 70s eye candy. And while the fad didn't last long, it never really went away, either. It's still an unfulfilled goal of mine to own a shaggin' wagon someday.

(An aside: I remember, back in the day, my Uncle Geoff first using the term "Shaggin' Wagon" in front of me. I drew a van with that name displayed rather prominently on the side, and promptly got in shit from my parents. I had no idea that "shaggin'" was a euphemism.)

Anyhow, an online friend who's seen a lot of my automotive work contacted me about a possible commission - her husband owns a Dodge van he's in the process of customizing, and she thought a picture of it would be a nice gift. So yesterday I sat down to do a quick thumbnail of it, but I got a bit carried away:

Hope she agrees to go ahead with this. I'm pretty psyched now.

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