Monday, May 16, 2011

Artists and Social Media.

So hey, I wrote a little guest-blog thing for Lori McNee's Fine Art & Tips website.


BenoƮt said...

Hey Bret!

Very good article, very much to the point. Thanks for sharing your insight, which is clearly based on experience and not on whatever gimmick is trendy nowadays among communication gurus! I especially liked the part about people having to do their own hard work.

I'm glad your recent exhibition resulted in a lot of sales! I was wondering, though: how do you feel about your work going away? Is it like seeing one's children leave the house when they're ready?

Anyway, thanks again and keep up the excellent and inspiring work!


- Ben
(Roquefort Raider)

Bret Taylor said...

Thanks, Ben. Always appreciate your input.

And I don't mind the paintings going away anymore. But the first time someone contacted me about buying a piece I was still working on, I admit I almost said no. Fortunately I reconsidered, though. And it ended up in a good home.