Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Show/Display Question.

Fellow artists, as you may know I've got a show tomorrow night. I'm still in the process of doing all the prep work, of course. Isn't that always how it is?

For the moment at least, my focus is the display cards that go on the wall under the paintings. I figure they should include the name of the piece, the media used, the price, and my contact info.

Am I missing anything?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Four More Days...

... till the big show with Mojave. Pretty psyched for this, I've gotta say. There'll be a whole slew of new art from me, nearly all of which will be for sale (two pieces are sold already).

Plus I haven't seen Lisa and Rev. Paul in ages. And all sorts of friends, new and old, will be in attendance. Also, the Tipper is a great venue all around.

If you're in Vancouver on the 29th and looking for something to do, come by the Tipper for some music and art:

2066 Kingsway at Sidney.

Oh, and admission is 10 bucks a head.

Hope to see you there.