Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome to March.

Hi there. Welcome to a brand new month. Lots of news to report, so bear with me and I'll get right to it.

First off, the Dawn Patrol triptych is done. Having the paintings photographed on the weekend for posterity's sake, and then it'll be time to ship them off to their new home in Calgary. Thanks, Regan.

Secondly, a handful of other commissions (including a book cover that I can't talk about yet) are either done or nearing completion. So if you're interested in having something done, now's a very good time to ask. Drop me a line and we'll talk.

Thirdly, a major milestone has been reached - art sales actually paid my rent this month. It's a pretty great feeling, let me tell ya. Especially in an economy as bad as this one.

And fourthly, I've set myself up a Cafe Press shop. Just a Basic account at this point, so I'm quite limited in terms of what I can sell. Right now there's a mousepad, an iPad case, and these three iPhone cases:

(More to come as I investigate further options, obviously.)

That's a pretty good start for March, right?

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