Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Green Metalflake and Living in the Future.

Wow, it's been quite a night here. As you may recall from previous installments, I've been planning a series of paintings for a show sometime this year - all simple, iconic white lineart over glossy, deep, metallic surfaces. The title of the series is "Metal Flake", so the common subject is rock 'n' roll.

Since December I've been filling a sketchpad with thumbnails:

And of course, I've also been doing the heavy-lifting portion of the first three paintings:

Anyhow, this first one came to a head tonight. I masked off the necessary areas and laid down the white lineart:

And when that was done, I promptly posted this last photo on Twitter, Facebook, etc. etc. The result? Within 17 minutes the painting was sold and financial details were sorted. God, I love the internet.


Thirteenth Story said...

Congratulations! I love when that happens, its a fabulous feeling.

That is a great painting, and I can totally see it as part of the invite some day.


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