Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well, things are proceeding nicely. Out of the twelve 8x8-inch paintings, eleven are now done. Just finished this one late last night (or was that early this morning?):

And I designed the lineart for another of the 8x24 pieces this afternoon:

The biggest hurdle to get past now is building up the layers of clearcoat on the remaining paintings. Love to get these finished by the end of August, so I can book the space for the show in September.

Oh, and I'll be spinning another painting off from this series - a friend has commissioned a big, expensive abstract piece. So essentially I'll be eliminating the white lineart that graces all the others and just going with a similar colour/texture combo. I may do a keyline in gold leaf, though. Just to show the depth of the clearcoat.

Good times.


Benoît Leblanc said...

You sure aced that one!

Benoît Leblanc said...

Regarding the spin-off series: I can see why someone would want a painting focusing on the amazing textured background of these ones. Even without the line art they look absolutely stupendous. At one point, when you presented several of your canvases side by side (before the line art went on), I thought the concept was to have them all stay together, mosaic like, contrasting each other with their different color palettes. It's like a symphony of color, with every individual picture being a different instrument.

Bret Taylor said...

Funny you should mention that - it was seeing the photos of the paintings together that gave her the idea of one without the white lineart.