Monday, February 15, 2010

A Question.

So, a question for those who are making money off their art - and even those who aren't - how and where should I be promoting mine? I've already got a blog, a Twitter account, a Flickr account, two online stores, etc. Sold a decent amount of stuff over the past few months, but sales have pretty much petered out, and most of the sales were to family and close friends. Where should I be pushing this stuff? What (ideally cheap or free) venues am I missing out on?

(Just for clarification, I'm primarily looking for ways to drive traffic to my existing online stores, as well as to this blog.)


Jeffrey Hotchkiss said...

I'm in the same boat Bret - trying to get the word out there to the masses. And I'm not the best marketer either!
Anyway, maybe you should do a art show at a local art gallery. Probably not a real cheap option, but it would open a new avenue of potential buyers.
Another thing is I need to add a link to your blog on my roll call of links on my blog.

Kathleen said...

Bret, I would suggest that you Market your work in places that has a distinct interest in your style/topic of art.
Car sales venues/Music stores/Printing houses/upscale bars & places that men frequent. (Upper end of course)
Read the local automotive papers articles(And or events that may cover other styles of your art) and approach them.
A guy that restores autos/rebuilds them would probably have a space on his office walls for a relevant painting.
You have to find the venue that would work with your art, and let them know how well what you do blends in with them.
This method has worked spectacularly for me.
The cost? Your time, pending on how much time you are willing to invest.
Benefits boil down to the purchaser passing on your name....word of works!
Who says, keep on plugging.

Jadielady said...

If you were interested in doing prints you could try Etsy.

Bret Taylor said...

Well, I already sell prints via Imagekind. Still, Etsy might be worth lookin' into as well...