Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Unsolicited Hype.

My good buddy Ray just did a nice write-up of my book on his blog:
It's always satisfying to see someone make strides creatively, both in short bursts and over the long haul, and to share in the process in a public way no matter what the potential criticism or negative feedback. It's why I've struggled with creative impulses for years and years. Like others, I crave warm and fuzzy validation, but I also want to be taken seriously, and that requires ripping apart old work, acknowledging writing tendencies and consciously navigating a way around them, and, perhaps most importantly, finding a unique "voice," one that reflects who I am, rather than just mimicking others. Most of us don't want to walk that tightrope, and one fall without a net is usually enough to deter efforts for awhile, if not indefinitely.
You can read the rest here. And while you're there, check out the other entries. Ray's got a lot to say on a number of topics, and always says it well. (Also, pay attention to the labels on his posts, because they're freakin' hilarious.)

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