Sunday, December 27, 2009

Plans for 2010?

Well, here we are again - another year almost over. For me it was an intensely shitty one, in almost every regard except art. So once again, art kept me sane and more-or-less focused.

Fortunately, the general work situation seems to be on the upswing, and between my online store for prints and my new book, I've taken some major steps towards making my art work for me.

So. 2010. I'd like to get some art into local restaurants, sell a lot more prints, dramatically up the traffic on this blog, and finally get my long-awaited (by me, at least) website up. No real goals in mind when it comes to technique or media at the moment. I'm already working on another book, though - a hardcover book of cars, most likely with 50 illustrations.

How 'bout you folks?


Lori Kittelberg said...

Actuallly post on my blog & get a website up.

Lori Kittelberg said...

And improve my typing skills on my phone!

Bret Taylor said...

Why not just start with some kind of introductory post?

Jadielady said...

I hope to knit a sweater this year... and I've said for the last 2 years that I'd get my business license and have a booth at our local yarn festival and I haven't done it yet.