Saturday, May 1, 2010

120 Days.

It's a beautiful sunny afternoon in Vancouver as I write this. The kind of day where the light couldn't be any better for painting. As you can see, the sun hasn't quite reached my painting surface (AKA the bar) yet:

And this is an anniversary of sorts. Once again this year I set out to draw and/or paint every single day, and April 30 was the 120th consecutive day.

So what's come from the 120 days so far? For starters, a much deeper understanding of light and colour. For another, I'm dreaming a lot about the whole process, and sometimes I'm even coming up with viable solutions to art problems in the dreams. Beyond that, I've completed five paintings and eight illustrations (including a header for a friend's blog), and I've got another painting (you can see it there on the bar in the photo above) and a dozen or so illustrations underway. Oh, and included in those numbers are three commissions I've completed, the third of which is FedExing its way to its new owner as we speak.

All in all I'm feeling pretty positive about the months ahead. And on that note, I'll leave you with a teaser from a work in progress:

Thanks for reading.



Jadielady said...

The more I see the robotic bee, the more I love it! Awesome job :)

Thirteenth Story said...

Congratulations on 120 days! I love that you are dreaming about art... to dream of art is my dream. :)


Lyman said...

Great stuff my brotha'!

frick55 said...

Hey Bret: Really like the new stuff and the fact that you're at it every day. I've spread it around the office so one never knows.