Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hey there. I'm Bret. Welcome to my new art blog. I'm planning to showcase my paintings here and break down the process a little for those interested in such things. Here's my most recent work, a 1947 Indian captured in acrylics on a 36x12-inch canvas:

This took me almost a month, all told. Here's what it looked like in the beginning, before the magic started to happen:

This one felt like a pretty huge learning experience for me. Definitely a personal breakthrough, especially with regards to the treatment of light. Here's a detail that will hopefully show a little of what I'm getting at:

Anyhow, that's my first post. Drop by again anytime; there should be more artwork up very soon.

Bret Taylor
Vancouver, BC


eliza ollin said...

Howya, this is spectacular! Glad clicking on it makes it bigger, I love all the detail, texture and metal work--and the *background*!--Can you please post a close-up of that? Those colors,(and those little highlights in the pink--wow!)they really knock me out! I'm not one for pink, and it's totally unexpected, but it *so* works...

Bret Taylor said...


Lee Edward McIlmoyle said...

Glad to see you out here in the blogoshpere (or whatever they're calling it this week), man.

And I like the pieces so far. Good use of colour on the motorcycle, and the guitar/amp set look dazzling.


Bret Taylor said...

Lee! Good to hear from ya, buddy.

And thanks.

Kathleen said...

Undeniably the most spectacular "Indian" rendition I have ever seen!

Accolades to you!
I have added your link to my blog...Keep it up Howya!
You do texture the absolute best!

KT said...

Good stuff here. I like it Bret, nice work! I will follow your blog.